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The 4th Consortium Meeting for ‘’GAMES’’ AFYONKARAHİSAR

Project meeting report
Leonardo da Vinci 2012 Partnership Programmes:
Facing Crisis: Games, simulations and popular ICT in language teaching

Coordinator of the project:
Poland: Uniwersytet Trzeciego Wieku w Uniwersytecie Wrocławskim
Partners of the project:
Austria: Hackl & Kienel-Mayer OG
France: Association M3_MCube
Spain: Universidad de Almería
Turkey: Demokrasiyi Seven Genç Eğitimciler Derneği
Turkey: Nazilli Halk Eğitimi Merkezi Ve Aksam Sanat Okulu

The 4th Consortium Meeting for ‘’GAMES’’  project was held  on 13th – 14th – 15th of January 2014  in Afyonkarahisar / TURKİYE. The meeting was carried out with the participiation of 14 participants from 6 partner countries.
And the photos ;
 The 1st  day of the meeting was in Istanbul.It was a cultural a cultural day meeting .The guests were taken to the most  outstanding resorts of the city  on the 13th .The main meeting was on the 14th of February in Afyonkarahisar.Under the coordınation of the hosting group , the meeting started  with the presentation of all actions of each partner throughout the last period, the local activities that had been carried out so far.

Each partner was given enough time to present their own institutional activities and good practises.

All partners gave clear explanations of what they practice ,the benefits of methods  used and also the unexpected outcomes ,negative results are also explained.The practicability of the methods were discussed.The practicable ones are advised to be used in preferred countries/institutions .It was also decided that all those practical methods should be collected in a cotoloque for the dissemination.

 In the second session of the meeting ,the tasks to be performed by each organisation were discussed and updated.

In the last period ,all participants were taken to a technical school to be presented a good practice by the teachers and students.Here,the usage/benefits  of ITC in language teaching was presented to all participants.A programme called 'DYNET' was tried here.The students were monitored under the supervision of their teachers and the good and negative ways of the programme were explained to all visitors.

                                         Visitors also tried the usability of the programme.

   The last day of the meeting (15th ) was organised as a cultural travell within the city.The visitors were taken to small-enterprises,craft centers local schools ,religious places and to leisure time/authentic places

The next project Consortium Meeting will take place in Vienna on the 5-6th of may.

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