Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Second Consolidating Meeting was held in Paris ;06-07/02/2014
 The Outlines of the  Meeting was shaped as below:

  I. Welcome and introduction
Everyone introduces themselves: University of Third Age in the University of Wrocław (Poland) – the project coordinator, M3Cube Association (France), HEM Nazilli Halk Egitimi Merkezi Ve Aksam Sanat Okulu (Turkey), University of Almeria – The Research group of Psychological intervention and guidance in education (Spain), Hackl & Kienel-Mayer OG (Austria), Association of Young Educators loving Democracy (Turkey).
In total, there were 14 participants (coordinators from each team) at this second consortium meeting.
2. Discussion about the first achieved project results

What has been done ?

1. Logo and Project image (Spain)
2. Website (Poland)
3. Social Media (Turkey – HEM): Facebook, Blogspot
4. Flyer (France)
5. Report from the 1st project meeting (Poland)
6. First project newsletter (Poland)
3. 1st evaluation of the project workshops in partners organizations.
Turkey (Nazilli Hem)
1. ICT courses
2. Folk dances
3. Role playing: for example, convince a princess to marry a prince but only in Turkish because the people do not speak English.
Hackl & Kienel-Mayer OG Company (Austria)
1. The catalogue of supportive techniques in languages learning will be created. It will be an excel file which then will be transformed in a pdf file.
2. A teacher can use the catalogue in classroom and use one technique in this catalogue.
3. Examples of games used: the Geese, Memory, Board game.
1. Special English classes for students of the UTA
2. 2 groups: beginners and advanced, 2 teachers in each class, in each class introduction of a game,
simulation or IT (songs, role playing, recipes, facebook, dialogues…), about 20 students in each class.
3. After each class, evaluation form about game and technique (open questions). The next classes will
be held in March 2014.
4. With this number of students it is hard to have quantitative evaluation of the trainings; Poland will
evaluate the attractiveness of the training.
Turkey (AF Association)
1. 2 different classes were organized with small number of learners. They learn English but also
mathematics etc.
2. 12 learners from different fields (drivers, teachers….), it is a 3 month-program.
3. In May 2014, in Turkey, there will be a conference about a perfect project competition organized by
the Ministry of Education and they will apply for this competition.
1. Language workshops will be organized in day-care centers for seniors and ICT tools will be used.
M3Cube (France)
1. English class for seniors is held in Daviel cultural centre, in the 13th arrondissement in Paris.
2. 2 types of participants: retired seniors and voluntary and informal English teachers.
3. Started in December (19th), there are classes every two weeks. There were 2 workshops organized
for GAMES project in January 2014: using games for English learning. Games that were being
            1) To get to know each other in English;
            2) Quiz about the European countries with computer research;
            3) Scrabble board game.
4. There will be more games in France, more learning sessions.

4. Discussion about details and problems related to the implementation of the strategy


                                            What should be done next?

1. Logo : The Spanish partner will prepare a new logo for the project (a square version and a version
with transparent background of the logo) before the end of February 2014.
2. Facebook : Lidia (university of Almeria) will be responsible for the Spanish contribution to the facebook page of the project. Videos will be published on this page.
3. Website : Videos about the project will be published on the website (and on social media). Posting information (report, newsletter, pictures) about the meeting in Paris in all possible places.
4. Discussion about the name of the project: we will try always to use name ‘’GAMES’’. If it is impossible or already taken “GAMES: Facing Crisis” or “GAMES: LDV Project” should be used.
5. Flyer : The flyer will be translated to Spanish (the University of Almeria will take care of it and Mona will do the layout), Turkish (by the Association of Young Educators loving Democracy) and Polish (by the UTA). M3Cube will send the doc Word of the English flyer to them. To be done by the end of the March.
6. Common tool for investigation: A global survey will be done for the teachers and learners through an excel file. For the students, it will be a survey that could also be addressed to children who are learning languages. The Polish team will be responsible for it and will propose a survey and send the first draft to everyone by the end of February
. 7. Electronic catalogue of supportive techniques in languages learning. Deadline moved to: April 2015. The catalogue will be done basing on the information each team receives from teachers during the seminars for teachers that each of us will organize before March 2015.
8.Staff Portfolios in Linkedin : Each staff of the partners’ organizations will have a profile on linkedin. The Association of Young Educators loving Democracy will take care of this. At least one person of each partner country will have a portfolio in Linkedin.
9. 2nd partners meeting report : France, deadline March 2014
10. 2nd newsletter : France, deadline March 2014
11. Every partner should organise a seminar for teachers and/or workshops for students using different games and techniques.
12. Online article about the project will be made by the University of Almeria before May 2014 (instead of June 2015)
13. Interim report for national agencies by June 2014 (in partners’ languages): Short report from partners to send to the coordinator for the interim report (in English) by the end of April 2014. The Polish team will then propose the 1st version of the interim report in English and then other partners can use it as a basis of their national reports.
14. The PowerPoint off all partners’ presentations from the meeting in Paris should be all converted in pdf and sent to all the partners (with the use of the mailing group), this way all the partners will have all the presentations.
15. Next meeting will take place on 11-12 September 2014 in Almeria, Spain.

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